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Sidchrome Power Tools Perth. We have the Sidchrome Tools for the job. Alltools WA stock a large range of quality Sidchrome tools in our Perth store in Bayswater from tool kits, tools storage, custom kit modular systems, sockets, spanners, wrenches, fastening, pliers and cutting, striking and prying and measuring.

We also stock a range of other tools from torque control, air tools, lighting and inspection, electrical, diagnostics plus automotive and speciality and everything inbetween.

Speak to the experts in tools at Alltools WA for all your Sidchrome tools in Perth.

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Sidchrome has built its reputation on supplying tradespeople with high quality, premium and professional products that last a lifetime, supported by SIDCHROME’s Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship and material on most products.

Patented TORQUEPLUS™ fastening system is found on Sidchrome sockets and ring end of spanners. It is a feature that allows you to apply more torque, while reducing the risk of fastener rounding and provides a greater opportunity to turn worn, rounded fasteners.

Patented ANTISLIP™ design features on the open end of the Sidchrome spanners, which is a locking groove to prevent slippage of a nut and bolt, which prevents knuckle injury.

The RINGSTOP GOTHRU System employs a patented ring within the geared ring end of the ratchet, which prevents the spanner from slipping past the fastener. This is extremely useful when working on long bolts or when access to the fastener is limited. Unlike traditional stop features, the RINGSTOP can be pushed past the fastener head when necessary, for use with double nut, or bolt and nut configurations. The RINGSTOP can also be used with socket and bit adaptors, increasing the versatility of the tool.

The Sidchrome EVA Foam System will keep you organised with easy to read, screen printed size measurements that will stop you wasting time looking for the tool you need. A durable carbon fibre covering is designed to withstand most workshop fluids, while the red underlay foam will quickly identify any missing tools.

The Sidchrome Tool kit range feature a Real Tool Count, where the only tools that go into a kit are professional quality tools – not piece count boosters. For example, we don’t count feeler gauge blades as pieces as some brands do. Sidchrome tool kits can be logically and easily built up they comprise of the most popular tools in the section of the range and laid out to allow for quick and easy access to your tools when working in a busy workshop