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Drill & Tap HSS | Precision HSS Combination Drill & Tap

Precision HSS Combination Drill & Tap

Precision HSS Combination Drill & Tap

HSS Combination Drill & Tap

Drill & Tap in one operation using either a portable power tool or a stationary drilling machine such as a pedestal drill.

Back taper beyond tap helps prevent thread damage from over drilling.

1/4" hex shank ensures strong connection to the drill chuck.

Designed to drill and tap through holes up to 2X normal diameter. Drill point must break through the part prior to threading.

Applications include Electrical, Construction, Plumbing, Automotive, Cabinet Makers, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning installers.

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 M3 x 0.5    14.95
 M4 x 0.7    14.95
 M5 x 0.8    16.00
 M6 x 1.0    17.50
 M8 x 1.25    22.00
 M10 x 1.5    25.70