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Stick Tig MMA | Unimig Viper Arc 140A (Bonus Electronic Helmet )

Unimig Viper Arc 140A (Bonus Electronic Helmet )
 Viper 140

Unimig Viper Arc 140A (Bonus Electronic Helmet )

The VIPER ARC 140 is a new generation, low cost welding machine produced using the latest in IGBT inverter technology. Designed to meet the needs of the price conscious non-commercial user without compromising on quality, this machine is as reliable and robust as you would expect a machine bearing the UNIMIG name to be. The DC MMA welding function delivers a smooth and incredibly stable arc allowing easy welding with electrodes producing high quality welds including cast Iron, stainless steel and low hydrogen. 

The VIPER ARC 140 is also equipped with DC Scratch Start TIG capability and connection of the 17V TIG torch allows DC TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper. The unique electronic design structure and air channel design in this machine speeds up the heat dissipation of the power device improving the duty cycle of the machine. The unique air channel design also effectively reduces dust ingestion by the fan, dust build up and absorption by the electronic circuits and power device is minimised thereby improving the reliability of the machine. 

The VIPER ARC140 is an exceptional machine for the price and is suitable for a wide range of applications including light fabrication and farming. The VIPER ARC 140 offers great portability with the power to get the job done and with the convenience of being fitted with a 10 amp domestic plug. Manufactured in compliance to AS/NZ60974.1
  • Latest IGBT inverter technology
  • MMA (stick electrode)
  • Hot start (improves electrode starting)
  • Arc Force (boosts current to prevent electrode extinguishing)
  • Excellent arc stability with all electrodes
  • DC Scratch TIG - Scratch Arc Ignition, basic DC TIG application
  • Thermal overload protection
  • IP21S rating for environmental/safety protection
  • Generator compatible (recommend 6.5 KVA minimum)
  • Tolerant to variable power supplies
  • Fitted with and approved to use domestic 10 amp plug
  • 2.5 Metre Arc Leads

Optional Accessories
  • REG - Twin Gauge Argon Regulator

Was: $289.00
Now: $249.00


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