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Jump Starts | SP Tools 600Amp Jump Starter

SP Tools 600Amp Jump Starter

SP Tools 600Amp Jump Starter


  • This premium, next generation jump starter utilises ultra-capacitor technology and allows a vehicles flat battery (provided it still has more than 5 volts available) to charge the jump starters capacitors and then jump start the vehicle. Simply connect the ultra-capacitor jump starter to the vehicle battery, the jump starter will display the vehicle batteries existing voltage and health status and i f necessary can then charge itself from the depleted vehicle battery ( or if available from any other vehicles battery), once charged the J ump Starter is then able to supply a short burst of full power back into the vehicles electrical system, allowing for vehicle start up


  • 12v 700AMP Jump start (Petrol engines up to 5L V8 & Diesel up to 3L)
  • LCD intelligent display shows health status of battery
  • Fast charging, 4 ways to get power for jump starter
  • Protective rubber sleeve
  • Hi-power LED flashlight
  • Includes convenient carry case
  • Rugged Enough To Be Stored In Vehicle For Many Years And Able To Be Quickly Recharged On Site For Use When Its Needed
  • Reliability When You Need It
  • Next Generation
  • Reliability When You Need It
  • Always Ready For Use When You Need It
  • Capacitors Can Fully Charge In 45 Seconds*
  • Displays Battery Voltage And Condition
  • Accepts Power Input From Multiple Sources

Compact Size:

  • 250L x 120w x 50h


  • Peak Current: 700A (3 seconds)
  • Charging: CC/CV 5V2A & 12V10A (input voltage)
  • Back-up battery capacity: 6,000mAh
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Cycle Life: Approx. 100,000 cycles
  • Operating temp.: -20C~60C/-4F~140

Was: $299.00
Now: $269.00


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